Written and recorded by Gordon Tebo

The album was mastered by Jeff Carroll at Bluefield Mastering

Cover artwork and CD jacket production by Kat Carolan

None of this could have been possible without the gracious help of my friends and family

Special thanks to Kat Carolan, Jeff Carroll and Guy Clark

Thank you: Nicole, for — among other things (like cover art for Last Day In LA) — your support, patience and honesty; Jim Brantley, who played guitar on Black El Camino and Making Visible, and lended a second set of ears on the mixes; Hannes Breitschaedel for saving my tracks with better ears and better microphones; Lindsey Breitschaedel for allowing me to use her piano on Mammoth; Eric Carlinsky for the gear; Paul Lynch for excellent guitar work on Out Of My System; Zac Manchester for bass work on Making Visible; Dan Schreck for killer artwork on Good Help; Declan Spring, Joseph Allen and Kelsey Ford for permitting usage of lyrics on Last Day in LA; Anita Tebo and Debra Anderson for proofing the score to Black El Camino; Torrey Walker for vocoder assistance; James Vest for the incredibly inspired music video for Out Of My System, cover art for Losing Orbit, and helping me work through ideas; Ross Zuchowski for shooting the promo video; and to Penny, my little recording buddy


…! oo8 

© 2014 Gordon Tebo © 2014 Continu-Oh!

Bon Secours was written and recorded over the course of two years as a series of quarterly releases. Starting in July of 2012 with “Black El Camino”, the album includes the final, previously unreleased track, “Aon (Miss You)”.

Original Print

Get the official record of Bon Secours. Purchase the full-resolution audio on compact disc, in a handmade, metallic silver, letter-pressed jacket with disc sleeve and liner notes.

Only 50 were (and will ever be) produced. Each copy is numbered and includes a digital download of high-quality lossless audio files, a digital copy of the liner notes and jacket art, all eight original cover designs, and the transcribed score to Black El Camino.

Additionally, four fantastic remixes from Jim BrantleyToasterArm The Natives, and Starschreck are included in the digital download.

Digital Version

Bon Secours is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon, and on fine streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify.